How to Boost Your Travel Website’s SEO

Boosting your SEO is a must if you want to drive more traffic to your travel website. Through SEO Singapore based travel websites like yours can get your much-needed traction.

As SEO continues to expand and innovate, you need to update your website to respond to the needs of your clients and not get left behind by your competitors. Here’s what you can do.

Check if you have a dynamic and responsive website.

Living in a mobile era means having travelers who want to have all the travel information at their fingertips. The website they booked a hotel room in should work as fine on mobile as it did on the desktop version. That’s why you need to make your website more dynamic and responsive. That means the mobile version of your website should offer the same seamless experience as the one they had on desktop.

Turning your website into a responsive one not only benefits your current clientele, but prospective ones as well. Why? Because this year, Google will be rolling out its “mobile-first indexing” plan. Using this strategy, Google will rank websites based on their responsiveness to mobile users’ needs. If your website is dynamic, then it has a better chance of becoming visible to mobile users through the first search engine results page. When it comes to mobile-first SEO services Singapore has enough talent that can help you navigate through this change.


Look at user metrics and keywords to improve your search engine ranking.

The beauty of SEO comes from the fact that market data is easy to find. Together with a Singapore SEO services agency, you can look at key user metrics, behavior, and keywords that can help improve your website traffic.

Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO. They are the terms used by people to find something on the internet. Websites that rank use keywords that match people’s queries. Anyone who has a website (like you) should implement a high degree of SEO content writing to rank. Blog articles and guest posts are most ideal. SEO agencies typically do deep keyword research to find search terms you’ve never thought of so you can write using them.

Another thing that you need to look at are user demographics and metrics. Metrics tell you which demographies actively visit your website and for what intent. SEO agencies can use this data to advise you on your content publishing schedule.

Localise your SEO.

The internet is such a large place to conquer, with a market size that’s almost unfathomable. That’s why you need to localise your SEO first. That way you can reach the markets that are within your reach. Imagine if you didn’t localise your SEO and began to attract heaps of people from all over the world without adequate manpower to service them?That would be a problem! Localised SEO is also easy because user demographics are more familiar.

Create Specific Categories.

Having a distinct categorisation system can help you rank for more keywords and get more traffic.

Ultimate Guide to Finding Affordable Abaya Designs & Muslim Fashion in Singapore

Singapore is a small yet very successful metropolitan city that lies just across the border from the tip of Malaysia. Despite its majority non-Muslim population, Singapore is known for many of its Halal and Muslim friendly amenities like mosques, hotels, eateries and shops.

One of the highlights of Singapore’s Muslim friendly shops is the numerous fashion shops. From high end clothing to value for money yet great abaya designs, Singapore has it all when it comes to Muslim fashion. If you are on a tight budget and will like to know all the places to find affordable abaya designs and Muslim fashion, don’t hesitate to read on.

Kampong Glam Area

Our first destination is the Kampong Glam Area. Kampong Glam is deeply rooted with the history of Singapore. Many Muslim travelers first settled down in this area when Singapore was opened as a trading hub way back in the early 19th century. Many of the Muslim influence still exists till today, embedded in the numerous historical buildings and landmarks and also as evident in the food and shops that can be found here.

While the main Muslim friendly shopping center found here is Golden Landmark Shopping Center, you can find numerous other street shops and boutiques lining up the nearby areas like Bussorah Street, Kandahar Street and Arab Street. Many of these shops sell value for money hijabs, abayas, baju kurong, jilbab, jubah and even clothing materials like silk and cotton.

Haig Road Market

Our next destination is Haig Road, another area conveniently located near Muslim friendly amenities. You can dine at the Haig Road hawker centre which features a wide selection of Halal stores or perform your prayers at the famous Khalid Mosque and the designated prayer room at the Muslim Converts’ Association just behind Haig Road.

If you are looking for elegant Muslim fashionware that will not cost you a bomb, then the Haig Road market is definitely the place for you. You can find all the nicest shawls, abaya designs, baju kurong and so much more at the various fashion shops located here without worrying about having to fork out too much money.

Online Muslim Fashion Shops Based in Singapore

The next option is for you if you are staying in Singapore or just here for a holiday visit but do not wish to spend long hours at a shopping centre looking for your Muslim clothing. Online Muslim fashion shops or ecommerce stores, as they are widely known today, are fast becoming a popular option among tech savvy Muslim shoppers. Since these online shops are based in Singapore, the best part about them is that they can easily deliver the clothes to your house or even hotel in a few days and save you the hassle of picking them up physically at the shop.

One such online shop that is quickly picking up popularity is HijabDressUp. HijabDressUp, an online fashion shop for Muslim conscious shoppers, has numerous fashionware from great hijab style, beautiful abaya designs to even great burkini swimwear. They have served over 2,000 customers from not just Singapore but across the globe so you should definitely check them out.

Best Places to Find Halal Food in London & New York While on Vacation

London and New York are two of the most famous cities in the world. London is of course located in England with its Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and London Bridge. New York, on the other hand, is located across another continent in the United States of America (USA) with its Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Wall Street. What is little known about these two cities is that they actually have quite a number of places to find halal food. So if you are a Muslim traveler in search of halal food places in London and halal places to eat in New York, then the rest of this article is definitely a must read for you.


Our first stop is the Westbridge Restaurant located conveniently within Westbridge Hotel and is considered one of the top halal restaurants in London. Westbridge Restaurant is a halal certified restaurant serving up some of the best classic British dishes like steak, fish and chips, pastries and much more. Their afternoon tea is also a must try with a wide array of mini sandwiches, panini and wraps.

If you prefer American staples such as burgers, fries, wraps, sundaes and milkshakes, then ironically you can find it at one of the most famous burger joints in London called Tinseltown. This joint is located in the heart of Bayswater, another favorite tourist attraction, and will never fail to deliver in terms of taste and flavor. If you will like to try this joint, then it is highly recommended that you find accommodations at the London Elizabeth Hotel which is of close proximity to the location.

New York

Our next stop is in the city that never sleeps or what is commonly known as New York. One of the most famous halal eatery found here is Halal Guys New York. They serve a humble menu of chicken and gyro wraps and platters with their signature white sauce. But don’t let the simple menu fool you as their dishes pack a mean punch in the taste department which explains why the eatery is constantly packed with crowds throughout the entire day.

Of course, which meal to the Big Apple will be complete without the signature burger and fries. And here’s where another halal eatery, Burgers by Honest Chops, come in. As the eatery’s name suggest, it serves mainly burgers with a side dish of either classic or truffle fries. The unique thing about this place (apart from the killer taste of course) is that the meat used in the burgers are made from organically raised beef and lamb. In addition, the meat is slaughtered and prepared according to Islamic laws so you don’t have to worry if it is halal or not.

We hope that you have found out more about some of the best halal places to dine at while you are on vacation in London and New York. If you will like to discover more about other locations such as a Muslim friendly hotel in Singapore or halal food in Bangkok hotel or even halal food in Tokyo, then you will definitely want to check out HalalGo.

Tips on Touring Singapore with Seniors

Singapore is a great place to go on a vacation with your senior citizen parents or grandparents. The clean and environmental-friendly surroundings, relatively efficient public transport system, Singaporeans’ proficiency in English and large senior citizen population makes it a conducive tourist spot for the elderly.

Here are some tips to take note of if you’re planning to take your elderly relatives to Singapore for the holidays:

  1. Senior citizens are entitled to discounts in hotels, public transport, and tourist attractions. Prior to coming to Singapore, you can already book hotels under discounted rates. Just go to the website of the hotel of your choice and look for “Senior Citizen Rates” to view prices and make bookings. Check out tourist attractions’ websites if they also offer discounts for seniors. In Singapore, make sure to bring your seniors’ passports stating their date of birth for them to avail of discounts in other places such as restaurants, and on public transport as well.
  2. Singapore is a hot and humid country which also experiences thunderstorms. Because of this, it is advisable to bring hats and umbrellas to shield yourselves from the heat. Bring bottled water to keep your seniors frequently hydrated.
  3. Immigration, travel and health laws and policies in Singapore are strict regulations you have to follow. Label all your medication bottle prior to traveling so you won’t encounter any difficulties at the airport (or anywhere, for that matter).
  4. Because of its large senior citizen population, there is a large number of tourist attractions in Singapore that are elderly-friendly. Gardens by the Bay, the Night Safari, and Universal Studios Singapore are just some of the tourist attractions you can visit with your elderly relatives and companions. Gardens by the Bay treats visitors to a feast of flora and lush greenery using automated doors, barrier-free routes that are convenient for wheelchair users. The Night Safari has pathways paved for wheelchair access and a lot of ramps, to make the experience of watching exotic animals easy, convenient and memorable for them. Universal Studios Singapore offers transfers from wheelchairs to rides so your seniors won’t be left out of the fun.If your seniors are experiencing mobility issues, you need to rent wheelchair services. A lot of tourist attractions offer wheelchair rental services but are only limited to that place. For this reason, the best thing for you to do is rent a wheelchair which you can take anywhere you need to go. If you need wheelchair rental Singapore-based companies do offer rental services at a very affordable price.One of the companies you can contact is Habibi Wheelchair Rental, which offers self-attendant and small-wheel wheelchair varieties for different kinds of seniors. Their wheelchairs can accommodate individuals who weight between 85 kg to 130 kg, and can be delivered to and collected from your hotel. You can visit their website to reserve a wheelchair unit in advance prior to your trip. With a wheelchair, you can let your seniors be mobile and enjoy Singapore as must as they could.

Ways to Have Fun at the Airport While Waiting for Your Flight

Two years ago, when gates were packed with people and passengers had to wait for hours to get checked in and pass a security line, the problem of entertainment was raised. Also, when you’re waiting for a delayed flight, you might feel excruciatingly bored in the airport. That is especially true if you’re traveling alone. But even if that is the case, there are many cool things you could try to entertain yourself.

If you have plenty of time, make sure you find a map of the airport (usually there are stands or banners that will help you navigate). If it’s O’Hare or the airport in Frankfurt (the international one), you will need it to find the places where you can eat or rest.

Things You Could Do When Bored at the Airport

  • Go to the nearest duty-free.
    Those places are magic, especially if you have some spare money with you. But even if you don’t have enough, wandering in a store, gazing at different colorful objects is better than sitting doing nothing.
  • Talk to a person on your flight.
    Conversation is your savior in those situations. Try to find a good-looking person and go on, talk to them. That could be easier than talking to a complete stranger because you already have a topic for conversations.
  • People watching.
    This is especially fun if you’re in another country. Watching different people passing by, looking at their clothes or makeup could be quite interesting. Try to think of different social trends or trends in fashion when you’re seeing a person. If you’re in a waiting room, you could choose a person sitting farther away from you and start creating stories about them in your head. Try to guess where they are going, who will be waiting for them, etc.
  • Work out.
    Sometimes you can actually do a full-body workout while waiting. Some airports have free gyms, in others, you will have to pay the symbolic price, but it’s worth it. It could help you waste some energy too, so when you’re finally on your plane, you will have no problem falling asleep.
  • Lay down and rest.
    In Frankfurt you will see this all the time, young people laying on benches, either napping or just resting. In more “business” airports that would be a rare thing, but it’s still possible. Concentrating on those sounds around you and listening to the noises of the people could be an interesting task.
  • Eat or order a glass of wine.
    It’s doubtful that you will get a huge portion of pleasure from this, as the food in the airports is actually crappy, but it could be a way to spend your time. If you’re a chocolate lover, getting yourself something delicious could be your way of calming down and finding something positive in your long awaiting. You could also head to the bar and get a glass of wine. Be careful, you really shouldn’t get yourself drunk, but spending time with some wine could be quite a good idea.

There are countless ways to have fun even if your flight gets delayed for the third time in a row. If you apply your imagination, you will never get bored even in the most desperate situations. And if you look closer, you will see that there are many cool places even in the smallest airports.

Packing Your Medical Kit for a Long-Distance Trip: 8 Tips

One of the most crucial things you have to take with you when planning a trip is a medical kit. That one probably comes right after taking your passport. Planning a medical kit is a tough task for the very beginners and the experience in this usually comes with frustrating or plain terrible memories. There are some really important things you have to take with you. It doesn’t matter that you end up not needing it in one trip, it’s always better to have something just in case.

General Guide for Buying Medication Before a Trip

  1. Take painkillers and anti-fever medicine.
    Sometimes plain ibuprofen would be just enough for both cases, but you have to take plenty of it. Dealing with headaches or toothaches on the road is hard and buying local medicine could be either too expensive or just dangerous. It’s never a bad idea to get 2 packs of ibuprofen with you.
  2. Buy something to treat diarrhea.
    This is such a sensitive problem, but people who travel a lot experience it quite frequently. If you want to make it easier for you, try to take some strong medication from home.
  3. Get at least two bottles of eye drops.
    Even if you don’t have any history of issues with your eyesight, you should take some of those on a plane. Many people get horrible eye dryness with a change of climate, plus the air on a plane is generally really dry, so that could hurt you. Also, when you will stay in a new place, your eyes could painfully react on the local climate.
  4. Get antihistamines.
    Even if you don’t have any allergies, it doesn’t mean you can’t develop a one when you try new foods and smell weird exotic scents. This is why it’s much better to get even the cheapest version of antihistamines before you fly.
  5. In case you need it, buy anti motion sickness stuff.
    Usually, if a person has this issue, they know about it. If you experience frequent nauseous feeling in transport and it’s your first time flying, you really should take something with you. And in case you forgot about it, a mint flavored candy copes very well too.
  6. Get somethingn to treat cough/running nose.
    This is a common traveling issue after cold planes or a change of climate. No-one enjoys having a running nose, so taking a spay with you is a good idea. Also, a cough suppressant will serve you well.
  7. Buy water purifying tablets.
    Just in case you end up in a weird place and local water will seem funky to you, having those tablets could very well save you from that diarrhea medicine.
  8. Bandages should go without saying.
    Those are the must-have items for every person, no matter how long is their trip. Always have a spare one in your backpack and always share one, in case you meet an unfortunate and forgetful soul on the road, – it’s a traveling code.

In case you have any other chronic or frequent conditions, you should take something that would help you with those. Always remember to take wipes and sanitizing sprays with you, just in case you are out of soap or are planning to try something on the road.